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“Thank you SO MUCH for this reading Lauren, I honestly cannot even explain how accurate, helpful and in-depth it was. I am someone who considers myself to be quite in touch with my energy so I only like to work with people who have an approach that is supportive and in-depth - you hit the nail on the head! The insights you provided were so helpful and honestly, I couldn't believe how accurate they were! The reading left me feeling on path, on purpose and totally supported by the Universe. You honestly have a true gift and I am so grateful to know you! Much love" 

-Shannon. B

“My oracle reading with Lauren was extremely gentle, personal and as always, quite emotional. Lauren even added some extra useful journal prompts so i was able to explore my own intuitive response to the cards that were chosen for me. Additionally, the key words and images on the cards were really easy to understand with relatable information that were realistic to my lifestyle, especially through the tough times we're currently facing. Using my interpretations to the cards, Lauren kept an open mind, and without judgment further assisted me through any uncertainties with great encouragement. Overall, I felt a strong connection to Lauren and her gentle guide to break those toxic habits and maintain a clear mind. Thank you” 

-Jen. T

"Lauren, you are a true angel and I am so grateful that we connected when we did. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to join you for your inner child guided meditation a few weekends ago. I didn’t know how much this meditation would impact me (in the best way) and, for that, I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to tap into that part of my inner psyche. You opened my heart up to things that I had suppressed for so long and, whilst I came out of it very emotional, it was an incredibly cathartic and humbling experience.
I also couldn’t be more grateful for the chat we had following the meditation—being able to connect on a deeply personal and vulnerable level. I automatically felt comfortable and that is very much a testament to the incredibly safe space you are able to create, even through a Zoom call. I cannot thank you enough for you and your work, and for opening me up to myself"​

-Simone. Z

"I had my first ever Reading done by Lauren and I am absolutely speechless, the passion and energy she put into her readings from the very beginning to the very end was more than I could’ve asked for. She was so accurate and took her time to explain everything that came through! I was blown away by the email she sent through afterwards with all the messages and cards that came through and the way she displayed it all, she really put so much effort and love into it. Lauren has me as a client for life"

-Vera. K

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“I found the session to be very relaxing and eye opening. I felt very comfortable to share my experiences and how I was feeling. The session helped to clarify a few things and helped me to understand why I am feeling the way that I am feeling. It was one of the most rewarding sessions I have ever experienced. Thanks so much! I'm so grateful to have come across your business. This experience has prompted me to want to continue to work with you.” 

-Vanessa. M

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“Lauren has been an absolute angel. From the minute we connected, I knew I'd found a kindred spirit. She is incredibly compassionate and genuine - and instantly creates such a warm space for you to feel comfortable sharing in. I'm so grateful to be on this coaching journey with her and would highly recommend her services.” 

-Mel. C


"Lauren was incredible and very knowledgeable. Many of the things Lauren said resonated with me and solidified what I have known I needed to do but have been choosing to ignore. Lauren was gentle and explained things in a no-bullshit way while being encouraging and uplifting. I loved Lauren's reading and her energy was beautiful. Lauren's reading has really helped me with my clarity and vision for 2021. I plan to use Lauren again and would definitely recommend her"

-Tahlia. S

"Thank you for a beautiful and impactful card reading, and for guiding our session so thoughtfully and gracefully. Lauren truly goes above and beyond to tailor her readings for clients, and empower them to recognise and act upon what they already know. I am beyond grateful I had this session and found a holistic coach I trust and whose guidance resonates so deeply".

-Stephanie. D

“Lauren had such a calm and inviting presence and made me feel so comfortable as it was my first reading. She explained things very clearly with detail and reassured me when I was unclear of what certain things meant. After the reading I felt so clear headed, calm and relieved. Lauren is a walking human angel and worked her magic with my first reading. Can’t wait for my next reading already"

-Jess. C

“I just went over the whole reading and it was so lovely. Everything is tough at the moment and I really wanted something positive and grounding to read and this was all of the above. It made my heart feel so warm and really resonated with me in so many ways. I love the prompts to follow and everything is so in detail. I will 100% keep coming to you for more readings because this was just so great. Thank you so much” 

-Ashley. O