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It's time to love yourself a little harder! If you are needing some extra help bringing in more self-love and self-acceptance, this bundle is the perfect place to start. Connecting with these handpicked crystals will restore more harmony within yourself, opening your heart space for more self-compassion and kindness, as well as removing negative thoughts towards yourself.

Self-Love Crystal Bundle

  • Rose Quartz- Known as the stone of Universal love, Rose Quartz enhances self-love, self-acceptance and restores harmony in self. It opens the heart space, providing calming and reassuring energy. It encourages self-forgiveness and invokes a deeper trust in self. Rose Quartz dispels negativity, replacing it with loving vibes.


    Green Calcite- Green Calcite provides a renewed sense of purpose and vitality. It assists with making positive changes in your life and encourages self-forgiveness, bringing more softness and compassion to the heart space.


    Amethyst- Amethyst promotes spiritual self-love. It assists with connecting to your higher self to develop a deeper self-awareness required to grow into your best self. It assists with working through fears, shame and blocks. Amethyst relieves stress and strain, opening your intuition and dispelling negative thoughts towards self.

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