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We all go through seasons and cycles of feeling trapped in our own thoughts and past experiences, unsure how to move forward.

This can feel heavy, leaving you stagnant and uncertain of how to move forward and create the change you truly want for yourself and your life. 


Holistic Counselling focuses on understanding, resolving and healing mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic blockages and past pain that have been keeping you stuck from moving forward. It offers tools to navigate internal barriers, promoting self-awareness and fostering deeper levels of healing and self-expansion. 


•Mental clarity and mindful living

•Self-esteem and confidence

•Anxiety management 

•Emotional awareness and regulation

•Relationship and break-up support 

•Self-discovery and spiritual wellbeing 

Sessions are available online via Zoom, or in-person at our Melbourne Bayside Wellbeing Hub (Cheltenham).


•Finally becoming your own biggest supporter, no longer at the mercy of your harsh inner-critic and fearful thoughts. 

Being your own safe space, no longer looking outside of yourself for love, validation and happiness, now going within and self-validating


No longer letting the past rule your future. Releasing and letting go of past hurt, pain, people, events and beliefs no longer serving you

•You are now equipped with the right tools and practices to self-soothe in times of overwhelm and anxiety, and the skills to stay grounded, calm and present 


•You’re open to receive new opportunities, no longer stuck in your comfort zone. You’re setting a higher standard for yourself, your life, your relationships and your goals


•Now effortlessly attracting the right kind of friendships, relationships and connections into your world with clarity, confidence and ease. No more drama, ‘situationships’ and misalignment 


Speaking up and expressing yourself authentically and unapologetically, no longer consumed by external pressure and fear of judgement. Boundaries now feels like a breeze and your new non-negotiable


•Experiencing joy, contentment and ease while living in the present moment, no longer consumed by worry about the future


Safely and mindfully holding space for all of your feelings and emotions, both big and small, no longer using distractions and escapism to avoid sitting with yourself 

Flower Shadow

Navigating life changes and challenges can feel difficult and overwhelming, but not nearly as much when you have the right support in your corner. 

Flower Shadow

Let's create the positive changes you've been craving.

Are you ready to kickstart your healing and self development journey? Fill out the form below, or book in a complimentary zoom call with to meet and connect.

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