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Feeling unsettled, anxious and in your own head? These are signs it is time to ground yourself! Being 'grounded means that you're connected to your body and rooted in the present moment. This bundle will assist with feeling better connected to yourself, welcoming in more balance and harmony into the mind, body and spirit. 

Grounding Crystal Bundle

  • Citrine- Citrine is an emotionally balancing crystal which promotes motivation, encourages self-expression and activates creativity. It is known to enhance concentration and revitalise the mind. Citrine releases negative traits, fears and phobias that may be blocking your mindset.


    Smoky Quartz- Smoky Quartz assists in improving overall wellbeing. It is known to help release unwanted emotional baggage as well as surrendering to old wounds. It provides stability and grounding, helping you connect more deeply with the earth and the present moment.


    Red Jasper- Red Jasper increases emotional focus and balance. It removes negative energy and is said to increase emotional stamina, self-confidence and trust in self. It promotes emotional protection, courage, balance, more calm and deeper relaxation.



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