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Want to start raising your vibration for more positivity, happiness and soul-aligned action? This bundle is the perfect place to start. Connecting to these large, handpicked crystals will welcome in more vitality and fun-loving energy. Keep them close and in your space, and feel the vibes shift and expand!


Good Vibes Crystal Bundle

  • Citrine- Citrine is an emotionally balancing crystal which promotes motivation, encourages self-expression and activates creativity. It is known to enhance concentration and revitalise the mind. Citrine releases negative traits, fears and phobias that may be blocking you from clear manifestation.


    Green Calcite- Green Calcite provides a renewed sense of purpose and vitality. It assists with making positive changes in your life and encourages self-forgiveness, bringing more softness and compassion to the heart space.


    Rose Quartz- Known as the stone of Universal love, Rose Quartz enhances self-love, self-acceptance and restores harmony in self. It opens the heart space, providing calming and reassuring energy. It encourages self-forgiveness and invokes a deeper trust in self. Rose Quartz dispels negativity, replacing it with loving vibes.

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