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Have you heard of energetic hygiene? Just like how you would clear and cleanse your physical space, this too is required energetically. Feelings of sluggishness and being stuck is often a telling sign that there is stagnant energy in your field that needs to be cleared. Negative and stagnant energy can greatly impact your mental and physical state. This cleansing kit will assist in clearing negative energy while purifying your energetic field to welcome in more uplifting energy.


Cleansing Kit

  • x1 small sage- Assists in purifying your space and aura while cleansing you of stress, anxiety, negative thoughts and general negative emotions.


    x1 selenite wand- Dispels negative energy and blockages and enhances properties of other stones. A powerful protection stone.


    x1 palo santo stick- Brings about uplifting and positive energy into space when burnt. It clears negative energy and promotes relaxation and calm. 

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