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“I found the session to be very relaxing and eye opening. I felt very comfortable to share my experiences and how I was feeling. The session helped to clarify a few things and helped me to understand why I am feeling the way that I am feeling. It was one of the most rewarding sessions I have ever experienced. Thanks so much! I'm so grateful to have come across your business. This experience has prompted me to want to continue to work with you.” 




Looking for connection, support and guidance on your healing, self and soul development journey?

This is an amazing place to start... 

Reset & Breakthrough sessions are a 60-minute reset for the mind, body and soul. Sessions incorporate a mixture of Holistic Coaching, Counselling and var
ious Healing Modalities tailored to your individual needs.

This session will help explore:

🔐Renewed clarity around where you are currently vs. Where you want to be (and action steps to move forward with confidence and ease)

🔐What has been holding you back and currently blocking you from moving forward (mentally, emotionally, physically & energetically)

🔐Deeper awareness around your current mindset and belief system

🔐How to better nurture and enhance the relationship with yourself (mind, body and spirit)

🔐Understanding triggers, patterns and holding space for your emotions

🔐Mindfulness and anxiety relief techniques for more peace, presence, passion, pleasure and joy

🔐Developing meaningful and empowering self-care routines and rituals

🔐Realigning and reconnecting with your core values and most authentic self

Reset & Breakthrough Sessions are run both online as well as in-person at our Holistic Hub in Melbourne's South East.

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