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Your energy is one of the most sacred things you have, so it is important to cleanse and protect it! We can give a lot of ourselves away each day through interactions with others. Energetic protection is essential to ensure you restore your energy, release what is not yours to carry and avoid feeling drained and heavy. This bundle removes spiritual blockages and negative energy to infuse more inner-peace into your energetic field.  

Protection Crystal Bundle

  • Black Tourmaline- Black Tourmaline removes spiritual blockages, dispels negative energy, reduces fear and banishes negative thoughts. It assists in stressful situations, promotes more serenity and acts as psychic protection.


    Selenite- Selenite is a high vibration crystal bringing light to any environment it is placed in. It cleanses negative energy and enhances clarity and focus, creating calm in any space. It instils a deep sense of inner-peace and calm and cleanses the aura while clearing blockages in the energetic field.


    Amethyst- Amethyst promotes spiritual self-love. It assists with connecting to your higher self to develop a deeper self-awareness required to grow into your best self. It assists with working through fears, shame and blocks. Amethyst relieves stress and strain, opening your intuition and dispelling negative thoughts towards self.



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