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Our manifestations come to fruition through strong belief, strong attraction and embodying what you are wanting to call in from the Universe. These large, handpicked crystals assists with deeper clarity on your manifestations, amplifying your energetic vibration for you to be open and ready to receive all the Universe has to offer you!

Manifestation Crystal Bundle

  • Amethyst- Amethyst promotes spiritual self-love. It assists with connecting to your higher self to develop a deeper self-awareness required to grow into your best self. It assists with working through fears, shame and blocks. Amethyst relieves stress and strain, opening your intuition and dispelling negative thoughts towards self. It activates spiritual awareness, opens the intuition and enhances psychic abilities.


    Citrine- Citrine is an emotionally balancing crystal which promotes motivation, encourages self-expression and activates creativity. It is known to enhance concentration and revitalise the mind. Citrine releases negative traits, fears and phobias that may be blocking you from clear manifestation.


    Clear Quartz- Known as the ‘master healer’, Clear Quartz provides clarity, draws off negative energy and enhances psychic abilities. It is a great tool for manifesting anything your heart desires as it amplifies your energetic vibration and your intentions. This stone can be ‘reprogrammed’ to assist you with a particular goal, be it manifestation healing or any other desired outcome. It enhances personal awareness, growth and connection between physical and spiritual world.

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